14.10.11 | KUBISTA presents a project of a young designer Svetlana Kozhenova NEO3 Lamps made of the printed circuit boards

FRESH The concept of a project is based on postmodern attitude towards contemporary sustainable design. The set of "Neokubista" and "Neorondokubista" lights resembles art styles as art nouveau, Czech cubism or rondocubism (architecture style unique for Bohemia). Light lampshades are made of recycled antenna´s PCB, which is reasonable of their great heat resistance, high strength and appropriate translucency. Once the unique PCBs are assembled together, unexpected and functional art artifact is born.

Products: The set of Lights "Neokubista" (suspended, floor and table lamp)
The set of Lights "Neorondokubista" (suspended, floor and table lamp)

Svetlana Kozhenova

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